Poetry in translation 2018

Poetry in translation 2018

December 15, 2017 Competitions Poetry in Translation 0

Our aim is to widen the appreciation of poetry and to help see the world from the point of view of others, as well as appreciate the beauty and complexity of other societies. Being able to capture the beauty of a great poem in a new language is amazing. We received over a hundred entries and the quality was very high, so deciding on the winners was a huge challenge.

The Student Editathon took place on Tuesday 13th March and our thanks go to Anna Poddi for organising and leading the Competition, as well as Senior Editor Maris Korovina and Theo Davies-Jones.

The 2018 Poetry in Translation overall prize winners are:
Jela Guo (Kings)   for her translation of A chat with time in Greenwich, a poem by Jinliang Han
Alex McGovern (St Edmund’s)   for his translation Sad, Sada poem by Jules Laforgue

Highly commended:
Beny Garcia Ribiero Cowling, The Song of the man who rides the horse, a poem by Garcia Lorca
Max Olszowski, Sentimental conversation, a poem by Verlaine
Alicia Lorenzo, Tomorrow at dawn, a poem by Victor Hugo

Well done to all those who took part in the 2018 Poetry in Translation competition!

The Globalist Team